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Issue #9

It's been a while, I'm doing great, how about you? I hope you all are doing great too! 😁

Free Dev Stuff

List of free stuff or services for developer by developer to use. Created by Hilman Ramadhan as an open source project. Anyone can add an entry by opening a Pull Request to the project's GitHub repository.

User Interface Design

A comprehensive guide to learn about User Interface design by Dwinawan. That whole website just looks so good I want to lick it. 🤩



An open source synthetic monitoring tool from the awesome developers in Hyperjump Technology! It's like Pingdom or Uptime Robot but it's free, open source, and support various notifications. When your website is down, you can even get notification via WhatsApp for FREE!

Next Secure Download

Last week I needed to host a file which can be downloaded with the right username and password. The solution I was looking for should also be FREE. And I should be able to download the file directly without going through a download page first. I couldn't find a solution so I made one. Check it out and give it a support in Product Hunt!



This is something you don't see everyday coming out of our beloved country Indonesia. Sawa is an open source programming language, an interpreter to be precise, where you can write python code using Javanese character! 🤯 Created by Rony Lantip from Yogyakarta.


Swift Study Group Indonesia

If you're an iOS developer from Indonesia, let's talk, share, learn, and meet up with fellow Indonesian iOS developers in this group! It's been growing rapidly, we have more than 200 members now. We hold a sharing session every Saturday 16:00 WIB. It's fun!

October 27, 2020
Nico Prananta
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