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Hello, friends! I'm back!


PuloDev is a new website initiated by Juan Akbar, Yohan Totting, Chaidir Yahya, Fauzi Sanjaya, dan Hilman Ramadhan that shows contents from Indonesian developers. Anyone can submit a content but there is no commenting and upvoting yet at this moment.


Minimal iOS - Custom iOS 14 Home Screen Icons Pack

After Apple released the iOS 14, there was an unexpected trending behavior among iPhone users: Complete Home Screen makeover. It turned out it is possible to create custom shortcut to any apps in iOS 14 with the help of the Shortcuts app. Hanif Ibadurrahman saw the demands in the market and created these icons pack! You can even request for an icon if your favourite app is not included in the pack.



Nur Fikri created a react-native templates to help himself and others quickly start making mobile apps. The templates include login, register, forgot password screens, and even with payment gateway!

Rescript BlurHash

My colleague, Armedi, from Hyperjump created the implementation of BlurHash project in ReScript! BlurHash is a very interesting project for apps that need to show placeholder images. Check it out!

Conventional PR

Conventional PR is a  GitHub Action created by Namchee which automatically moderate pull requests (PR) that does't meet the pre-defined criteria. Seems useful to prevent the Hacktoberfest fiasco.

June 24, 2021
Nico Prananta
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