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Issue #7

Hello, friends! Thank you for reading plus62. I will take a break for a while due to busy schedule. Next issue will be back in a month time. Stay safe and creative!


Trakteer is another online service to help creators make a living. It's pretty much the same with Karyakarsa but Trakteer charges 5% from the donation while Karyakarsa charges 10%. I haven't used either of them to find other differences. Anybody knows?

Belajar Bareng Team Data Science Gojek

Gojek team will hold a workshop on Machine Learning and Data Science on July 10 2020. This is your chance to learn about data science from the Gojek engineering team. All proceed of the tickets sale will be donated to Sumbang Suara campaign.


Free Resume / CV Templates

Briandito Priambodo created this resume template which can be edited in Word, Google Docs, and Pages. There are 5 templates in the bundle and they all look clean and simple. In addition to this template, if you're looking for a job right now, you can put yourself out there in Carikerja website as I mentioned in the previous issue.

Jobs Under 280 Chars

Adylan Roaffa made a Twitter bot that fetches and tweets the job posting from Github and HackerNews. He made it using Python and scheduled it as cron job in AWS EC2. Check out the code in Github.

Typed FP - Good Reads

Jihad Dzikri Waspada curated a list of reading materials about typed functional programming. So many links to resources you might become an expert in typed FP if you read them all. 🙊

Contactless Temperature Check and Face Recognition

Pak Budi Rahardjo shared a video of a device made in Bandung that can measure body temperature without any contact and face recognition even when the person is using mask!



Last week I open sourced a small Swift library to make a screen like Twitter's Profile screen or Instagram's profile screen. It's just a single file and I'm pretty sure you can make it yourself, but it has unit and UI tests so you don't have to 😝. I also just found out that I can run the tests in Github actions directly. Pretty cool.

June 24, 2021
Nico Prananta
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