Open Source

Issue #5

Sorry for the late issue! I've been busy with moving apartments 😌 But we have some cool projects like a NodeJS Framework made by Indonesian developer!


Plumier is an opinionated Node.js Rest Framework created by I Ketut Sandiarsa where you write your code in TypeScript. It seems like it can speed up API server development since it has many built-in functionalities like automatic data type conversion, validators, parameter binding, route generation, and many more. I might use this for my next project. Thanks to Wayan Jimmy for submitting this project!


Aksara UI is a design system from implemented in React. It has many components which you can preview in its storybook.


Beda is a golang library to detect differences or similarities between two words or string. Created by Ferdinand Neman from Hyperjump, it contains implementation of 3 algorithms for detecting word differences. And if you're up to a challenge, you can help implement one more algorithm! 😉



Karyakarsa is like Patreon for Indonesian creators created by Ario Tamat. As a creator, you can be supported by your fans financially and receive the payment through GoPay, OVO, and bank transfer.


Jakarta Map Shot

Muhammad Mustadi created a twitter bot that tweets the traffic in Greater Jakarta Area regularly. You can view the code in glitch.

Contributing to Open Source

Open source contribution opportunity this week:

  1. Implement Damerau Levenshtein Distance algorithm for Beda library.
  2. Add file upload stream to AWS S3 or google bucket support to Plumier.
June 24, 2021
Nico Prananta
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