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Issue #4: New Section

We showcase a tool for Mac and a machine-learning projects for the first time in this issue!

How is everyone doing? Did you enjoy plus62 so far? I heard the lockdown in Jakarta is being eased down. Stay safe everyone!

In this issue, I add a new section where I showcase some open source contribution opportunities. But let's start with the projects from our fellow Indonesian developers!



Snowboard is an API blueprint toolkit developed by the team in Bukalapak. From what I understand, it is like Swagger. Once you define your API endpoints and their corresponding responses, you can generate the HTML documentation of your API which can have a playground to let users interact with your staging or even production API. You can even generate a mock server! It has many other features which is pretty cool. Be sure to check it out.


This Alfred workflow for Mac by Wayan Jimmy allows you to search for your notes that you keep in your Github repositories. I use Alfred mostly to access the clipboard history, but I might start using this workflow in the future.


Oge reads a web page's metadata and return them in JSON format. I'm still not sure what this is for but feels interesting. Do you have any ideas what you will use oge for? 🤔. Fatih Kalifa released the code in the open.



Thanks to Muhammad Azamuddin for the project submission! TanyaKoding is like StackOverflow but with additional features such as snippets manager, snippet to image creator, and what appears to be a blogging platform. The snippet to image converter, dubbed as Kode Cantik, looks similar to Carbon.  The site is pretty fast. Needs more users though!


Machine Learning-powered Rock-Paper-Scissor on the browser

Galuh Sahid shared her demo of machine learning on the web. I like the Rock-paper-scissor demo in particular. Just a small tip if you want to try to run it on your computer: you have to give the camera access manually to the page. It didn't show the permission dialog when I tried it. Maybe one of you can send a pull request to fix it? 😉

Contributing to Open Source

Have you ever thought of contributing to open source projects? Not sure where to start? Starting this issue, I will try to share some projects where you can contribute. There are many ways to contribute to open source. You can fix issues you found or reported by other users, add new feature, or even fix the documentation. So here is the contribution opportunities for this week:

  1. As I mentioned above, the rock-scissor-paper demo by Galuh Sahid has a bug where the camera permission dialog is not showing when the page is opened.
  2. Reactjs documentation for Indonesian language has a bug in the Tutorial Praktis section.
June 24, 2021
Nico Prananta
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