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Issue #3

We got our first submitted project! Keep it coming, please! 😄

Did you enjoy the projects showcased in the issue #2 last week? Any projects piqued your interest? Let me know in the comment below! We don't have any themes for the projects showcased this week, but hopefully you'll enjoy this week's projects.



Yohan Totting made a PWA demo app that shows how to use WebRTC and Media Recorder API for recording screen, window, or browser tab.


Raise your hand if you miss going for holiday! 🙋♂️ If you travel to Bali when we can travel again in the future, check out this curated list of wifi spots in Bali by Wayan Jimmy.

Bahas Bitcoin

Wanted to learn about bitcoin? Anditto Heristyo has some videos and articles for you.

Baca Quran

Special thanks to Irfan Maulana for submitting his project to plus62! First submission! You can read Qur'an Directly from your web browser without any ads and analytics and totally free. The code is also open source!



This is a fun tool to spice up your github profile 😂. Made by Muhammad Mustadi.

Camera Color Pick

I have never tried Framer but this plugin from Sonny Lazuardi seems very useful: get colors directly from phone/computer's camera in real time. Check out the demo here!



Vania Radmila Alfitri created this iOS app to display news in just 5 hours! She even wrote tests for the app. Impressive!

June 24, 2021
Nico Prananta
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