Issue #2: COVID-19

Stay updated with the development of COVID-19 with these tools.

COVID-19 is such a devastating pandemic that causes global health crisis and economic crisis. While many of us stay home because of the lockdown, some developers among us took the chance to create COVID-19 related projects.



This open source project from the co-founder of Hyperjump and the author of PhantomJS, Ariya Hidayat, is a static API server for the latest COVID-19 development in Indonesia. It includes list of referral hospitals, latest news, and even recent hoaxes! Even though the server is static, the data is updated regularly every 15 minutes thanks to the scheduled event feature from GitHub Actions. Ariya also used dekontaminasi for


Unlike dekontaminasi, this API server from Muhammad Mustadi is fetching and parsing data from John Hopkins University CSSE. So you need a server running nodejs to run this API on your own server. Data from this server is also not limited to Indonesia only.



A website that shows latest information of COVID-19 in Indonesia curated by volunteers from academic and medical professionals. Led by Zain Fathoni, this website is made using TypeScript and NextJS and is developed in the open.

UPDATE: Zain Fathoni informed me that Resi Respati played an important role in launching the site quickly and many volunteers have contributed to improve it. 👍


Ibnu Masud created a curated list of freelance tools, videos, podcasts, and books to stay productive at home during the pandemic. You know, just in case you're bored at home.


Website to let you self-check for COVID-19 symptoms so that you can decide to go to the hospital or do self-quarantine. It also has API and datasets for public use.

Desa Lapor COVID

Web application to record and monitor residents who have COVID-19 symptoms or visitors who entered COVID-19 suspected areas. It seems useful for local authorities to monitor the COVID-19 situation in the neighborhood.


Android kotlin-mvvm-covid19

A slick looking Android app that shows statistics and data of COVID-19. I really like the color theme of the app. Rizki Maulana wrote the app in Kotlin and the code is open source.

Corona Virus Tracker & Advices iOS App with SwiftUI

A simple open source iOS app which shows current statistics of global total confirmed, deaths, recovered cases, basic advice, etc. Alfian Losari made it using SwiftUI and it has Today extension to quickly view the number of confirmed, deaths, and recovered cases.


IoT-powered body temperature monitoring

Andri Yadi tinkered with microcontroller and made a prototype of non-intrusive body temperature measuring device.

Let me know other COVID-19 related projects that you find interesting in the comment below!

And of course, stay safe!

June 24, 2021
Nico Prananta
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