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Issue #1: Hello, World

In this first issue we showcase two open source projects brewed in Hyperjump.

Hello, world!

Welcome to Issue 1 of! I made this website with the objective to showcase projects, apps, or tools created by Indonesian software developers. But to be honest, the real reason is to connect with the Indonesian developers community, since I have been living away for quite some time. This aspiration started to take shape when I started joining Hyperjump a few months ago, albeit remotely. So I hope you will find the articles in this website useful and inspiring, and if you have any links to a product, project, or even blog post created by fellow Indonesian developer you would like to suggest for future issues then please tweet me with them or comment below.

In this first issue, I will start slowly by presenting 2 react native open source projects created in Hyperjump.


Ever needed to make your react-native app more festive? You can do it by showing confetti in the app using this library. It can be used as raining snow effect animation, with option to use unicode, emoji, or image as the flying pieces. This library also supports remote configuration using Firebase so you can dynamically enable or disable the confetti and the character to use.


There will be time when you want your users to use the most recent version of your app, say the API server to which your app connects is updated. This library will force the user to install the newest update when there is a required update, or simply show an alert telling user that there is a recommended update. You can use render prop or react hook to use this library.

Give those two projects a try and let us know what you think about them. Until then, see you in the next issue!

June 24, 2021
Nico Prananta
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